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Name/Nick: Meghan // Meg
Sex: F
Sexual Pref: Men
Star Sign: Pisces
Age: 17 (18 in less than a month!)


Favorite Chara + why: Miwako--because she's so adorable and she is an interesting mix of happiness and sadness
Least Fav. Chara + Why: Yukari's Mom--she's a scary lady
In your opinion, the highlight of the manga (a specific happening): when they have the big runway show at the end
Who do you feel you are most like + why: Miwako in some ways (like general cheeriness, etc.), but I'm usually really calm and chill kinda like Isabella

what makes/gets you

...pissed off? when people give up
...elated? friends, family, life in general
...depressed? the news
...thinking? everything

either or (answer to what you'd prefer over the other in relation to yourself and how you act)

Sunshine vs. Rain? Sunshine
Composed vs. Emotional? Composed
Socializing vs. Solitude? Socializing
Talking vs. Listening? Listening
Cooking vs. Eating? EATING
Tea vs. Coffee? Neither?
High Fashion vs. Practicality? High fashion
Friendship vs. Love? Love is friendship
Thinking vs. Daydreaming? Thinking
Angsting vs. Doing something about it? Doing something about it
Friends vs. Career? Friends
Dreams vs. Reality? Dreams
Sweet vs. Straight to the point? Sweet

pictures of you (at least 2)

Homecoming 06

Sometimes I get bored....haha
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