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Name/Nick: cheyenne/dottie/ little red riding hood
Sex: female
Sexual Pref: males
Star Sign: leo
Age: 15


Favorite Chara + why: miwako, she's just so adorable and well dressed! ^_^
Least Fav. Chara + Why: for some reason, i've never really liked caroline that much. i still cant put my finger on why.....
In your opinion, the highlight of the manga (a specific happening): when isabella and george talk in isabella's garden
Who do you feel you are most like + why: probably miwako. we dress alike, and im just as hyper

what makes/gets you

...pissed off? close-minded people and people who mess with my friends or family
...elated? new shoes/ clothes/ stawberry poptarts
...depressed? feeling left out of things/ alone
...thinking? just about everything i see

either or (answer to what you'd prefer over the other in relation to yourself and how you act)

Sunshine vs. Rain? sunshine most of the time, rain's nice if it's not too cold out
Composed vs. Emotional? emotional. it's feelings that make us alive!
Socializing vs. Solitude? solitude, unless it's peaple who i really love
Talking vs. Listening?listening is so much easier for me
Cooking vs. Eating? well, cooking is fun, but there;s nothing like eating a good meal! ^_^
Tea vs. Coffee? tea
High Fashion vs. Practicality? fashion, of course!
Friendship vs. Love? friendship. it lasts longer
Thinking vs. Daydreaming? daydreaming
Angsting vs. Doing something about it? i angst first, then get up and do something
Friends vs. Career? friends
Dreams vs. Reality? dreams most of the time
Sweet vs. Straight to the point? sweet is always better

pictures of you (at least 2)

i look so goofy

this is why im little red
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