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Name/Nick: Lindsey/Zee/Rinji

Sex: I have chesticles!

Sexual Pref: I'll take one of each kind!

Star Sign: Well technically the star sign synonymous with the rising sign, which mine would be Virgo. However, my sun sign (although technically the sun is a star) is Aquarius.

Age: 24 years old. (*exhasperated sigh*)


Favorite Chara + why:
I really like all of the characters and it's much too hard to pick just one.

Least Fav. Chara + Why:
Yukari's mother. I think the reason should be obvious. She's not exactly a protagonist.

In your opinion, the highlight of the manga (a specific happening):
When Yukari decided she was going to leave school and become a model. Although I was sort of shocked in a way.

Who do you feel you are most like + why:
This is very difficult. Romantically I'm a lot like Jouji, but otherwise I'm a lot like Miwako because I'm very energetic and I've been told I'm very naive and gullible, adorable and cute, all the same there's also a part of Isabella there because I'm always ready to prepare tea, my meals are all low-calorie, low sodium, fat-free (very healthy) but absolutely delicious. Besides that I have a tendency to cross dress. You'd think that'd be hard for a female to accomplish but... *small smile*

what makes/gets you

...pissed off?
People who hurt my friends. People who pick on other people and harass them and/or out-numbering them. People who talk trash on people for being homosexual. People making insinuations about why I did or did not do something. People who can't think for themselves. People who manipulate others for their own gain. Not getting my way. People who waste what they're given. People who are lazy.

sweets, candy, cakes, pie, getting to spend time with others, going new places, being at the top of my class, when things go perfect, hand-made gifts, good sex, music, getting a project finished successfully, new clothing, new books, new makeup, thunder storms, warm days, swimming, getting to share a meal with someone else, getting to play with my kitties, being read bed-time stories, working for 19 hours straight without a break, finding out I have a cold (w00t! medicine high!), drinking with friends, and having someone in my bed so I don't have to sleep alone.

my mother, this house, being alone, sleeping alone, when someone expects something of me and I don't come through, being second place, being ignored, when someone is better than me at something, not living up to my own standards, my life, feeling left out, getting blamed for things I didn't do, criticism, people suspecting the worst of me, being compared to someone else, gossip, not being liked, when a project doesn't turn out the way I'd hoped, when I realize I've done something horrible, lacking money, being dumped, realizing the person I was with wasn't "the one", not being accepted, being looked down on, lots of stuff.

What doesn't get me thinking? I love Art and music, I love nature, people, looking at life and others interpretations of life all get me thinking. Books cause me to think, even if it's just a fairy tale. Classical lit., watching people, watching tv, reading articles, even my answers to this question cause me to start thinking. I'm almost always deep in thought, even if people think I'm just zoning out believing I'm dense. History makes me think, new things, old things... everything. Gets me thinking.

either or (answer to what you'd prefer over the other in relation to yourself and how you act)

Sunshine vs. Rain?
Both, I think. I can be very cheery and most of the time I'm smiling and excited and optimistic. But there's a great deal of unhappiness when I'm alone and the longer I'm not around people, the worse I get. I tend to cry a lot and I'm very sensitive and I tend to dwell on memories. But when I'm around others I'm usually too excited to be around people to feel upset. Unless one of them unwittingly hurts me. Then I tend to curl up in a corner and sniffle and agonize over it.

Composed vs. Emotional?
I can be really composed and cold. Especially in the academic setting. If I'm determined and focused on something, nothing is going to distract me. I had a pet get killed one morning right before my classes and I simply placed it in a small box and walked out the door. I didn't cry until I was done studying that evening. But most of the time, I'm not quite so focused and tend to be EXTREMELY emotional. I'm pretty well known for being a drama queen, even though I don't really start drama. But I do cry a lot, and laugh a lot, and feel more often than I think and can be quite dramatic.

Socializing vs. Solitude?
People incorrectly guess me as an introvert because I'm always alone, but the truth is that I love being around people. Being alone kills me. I need company, I need people, I need to be around people, I get so overwhelmingly happy when I'm in the company of friends. And I find people absolutely fascinating. Even the ones that are total jerks.

Talking vs. Listening?
I'm a talker, I guess. My friends seem to think I don't listen at all because I act completely oblivious but I tend to hear more than they assume. I used to eavesdrop a lot at work because everyone thought I was zoned out and not paying attention. But I tend to talk non-stop and there've been times when someone would have to put their hand over my mouth to get me to stop, to which I just burst out laughing. I even talk to myself and my cats. I like listening and I can do it very well, but like my mother says... I enjoy the sound of my own voice.

Cooking vs. Eating?
Both! I am a master consumer of all things chocolate, sweet, baked or sugary. I can take out a whole tray of brownies by myself in one day, same for banana bread, and cheesecake apparently. And I really love good food. However, the only way I seem to GET good food is if I make it myself. I'm awesome in the kitchen and looooove making new things. I also love adding alcohol to most of the meat items I make. i.e. Tilapia loins stewed in my own special sake sauce. I've been told I should go to culinary school but I wouldn't dare. Why would I want to be a chef? If I came home I wouldn't want to cook for anyone special and then my talent would be useless! What is the point of being able to make an exotic dish if you're too tired to make it for people that matter?

Tea vs. Coffee?
I am absolutely all about tea. Coffee upsets my stomach and makes me nauseous, but I still drink it if the drink is right. You know, those nice specialty coffee drinks with all the delicious whipped cream, topped with a couple of chocolate covered espresso beans and chocolate syrup? Frou-frou yuppy, I know. But I'm more often the extreme enthusiast for tea. When I moved in with my room mate, there was a cupboard totally taken over by all the tea I had. We had a 5 page list of all the various types of tea available in the cupboard. I've also considered growing my own black tea. I'd like to make my own blend. Not to mention boba tea is pretty awesome, too.

High Fashion vs. Practicality?
Uhg, high fashion if I could afford it! I can put together an amazing outfit, unfortunately I never have the money to do so. So goes living in the lower-class. And whyever would it have to be high fashion vs. practicality? High fashion can be very practical. For the items that aren't so practical, you just have to have the cajones and confidence to wear it and pull it off. It takes someone special to make certain things work. And as the game we've played many times in wal-mart, I can wear the most hideous things on sale and still look incredibly attractive. I fear not the insanity!

Friendship vs. Love?
Apparently, seeing as I just told my fiance it was over because he was forcing me to choose him or my friends... I guess I choose friends first. Bye bye diamond ring, apartment, and car. But I'm not upset. My friends are awesome. And I'd not want to live my life solely with someone who would keep me away from my friends. They matter more to me than anyone.

Thinking vs. Daydreaming?
Thinking most of the time. Usually deep in thought. But on my way to dream-land I often day dream and review my thoughts in a more "Put aside the logic and let it flow" sort of feel. It makes for easier to drift to sleep that way.

Angsting vs. Doing something about it?
I spent most of my high school career angsting and blaming everyone else. I was way too angry. Right now I'd much rather take that chance and not be so scared and just go out and blindly seek something rather than stay here and say, "It is all impossible!" if I just cry about it, I'm going to die here all alone without having achieved anything. I'm much too driven, too hard working, and too adventurous to lead such a boring life. I'd like to have something to write about when I'm older. Fail or succeed, taking chances ALWAYS leads to some interesting events. I believe there's a billboard somewhere in Silverdale, WA that says, "Use your past as a springboard, not a sofa". (Thanks to Sharyl-san for her sharing it.)

Friends vs. Career?
.... wow.... that's..... really really hard. It's my dream to be successful and own my own boutique. But I love my friends so dearly. This is... really hard. Well, I guess as was in The Devil Wears Prada... it probably makes quite a bit more sense to choose your friends over your career. You can always be happy doing something else. But you'll never be happy, being alone.

Dreams vs. Reality?
My dreams are way more awesome than reality. ^^; I live in a run down old house that's falling apart. The roof leaks to the first floor, the walls are cracked as is the foundation, and my mother is crazy and likes to scream at me a lot, and I'm alone all the time. I'm like an involuntary shut-in. I have no job, I have no significant other, I can't go back to school yet, I don't even have a car and my whole life has mostly consisted of continuous abuse. I'm 100% positive these things will all change, though! Very soon! But until then I will be happy to dream about things the way I'd like them to be. Living close to friends, with a big house perfect for hosting parties, a significant other that isn't bat-shit insane, kids, success, all of those things! Right now, I'd much rather dream. But that will change when I make those dreams a reality.

Sweet vs. Straight to the point?
Straight to the point. I have an absolute love of efficiency. I want all of the facts, right then, at that moment, better or worse, no screwing around. The sooner I understand a situation the sooner I can come to a conclusion or decision. I'm impatient and I hate waiting and the more someone sugar coats things or beats around the bush the more irritated I'll get. I'm famous for screaming, "MAKE A NOVEL INTO A PAMPHLET!"

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