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Name/Nick: Cassandra/Cass/Cassie
Sex: Female
Sexual Pref: Straight.
Star Sign: Leo
Age: 16


Favorite Chara + why: Arashi. +I like his personality.
Least Fav. Chara + Why: I don't have one.
In your opinion, the highlight of the manga (a specific happening): I only watched the anime, though I did like the scene where Arashi was trying to get Yukari to become a model.
Who do you feel you are most like + why: That's for you to tell me really.

what makes/gets you

...pissed off? Hypocritical, insincere, shallow people. Having to do things according to other people's way. People forcing me to do things I don;t want to do. People who complicate things for me. People who try to change my mind. People who don't think for themselves, and expect me to think for them, as if I have nothing better to do. People who want me to take photographs when it's very clear that I don't want to.
...elated? Cake. No school. Money. Not having to be around irritating people anymore. New CDs. New books.
...depressed? Various things. though mostly because of events that happen to me and not to the rest of the world because I do lack empathy.
...thinking? Many things(anything) can set me thinking really.

either or (answer to what you'd prefer over the other in relation to yourself and how you act)

Sunshine vs. Rain? Rain.
Composed vs. Emotional? Composed.
Socializing vs. Solitude? Solitude.
Talking vs. Listening? Ehh... Both!
Cooking vs. Eating? Eating.
Tea vs. Coffee? Tea.
High Fashion vs. Practicality? Practicality.
Friendship vs. Love? Friendship.
Thinking vs. Daydreaming? Daydreaming.
Angsting vs. Doing something about it? Angsting.
Friends vs. Career? Career.
Dreams vs. Reality? Reality.
Sweet vs. Straight to the point? Direct.
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