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Sexual Pref:Generally women, but not exclusively
Star Sign:Libra-scorpio cusp
Age: 24


Favorite Chara + why:George, I could relate to him.
Least Fav. Chara + Why:George's mother, I dislike people like her.
In your opinion, the highlight of the manga (a specific happening):I only saw the anime, so I am not sure how different it was. I love that Isabella goes with George to Paris, and that Yukari accepts and wishes him well, knowing how important his passion is.
Who do you feel you are most like + why:George, a lot of the moral sensibilities that he has I also share. He's confidant, passionate, driven, but still a caring and compassionate person.

what makes/gets you

...pissed off? laziness, self pity, hypocrites, intentional cruelty, willful ignorance
...elated? creativity, beauty, others who are also passionate, interesting conversations, learning about people I'm interested in
...depressed? failure, when I can't (or shouldn't, based on the type of situation they've gotten themselves into) help people I care about, feeling helpless, it's rare these days for me to feel depressed.
...thinking? Everything! Anything I'm passionate about, big ones are music and science. Beautiful people, all of the 'why' questions, I like to know everything about people and subjects I'm interested in.

either or (answer to what you'd prefer over the other in relation to yourself and how you act)

Sunshine vs. Rain? Rain, it's beautiful
Composed vs. Emotional? Composed
Socializing vs. Solitude? Solitude
Talking vs. Listening? Listening
Cooking vs. Eating? Eating
Tea vs. Coffee? Tea
High Fashion vs. Practicality? High Fashion
Friendship vs. Love? Friendship
Thinking vs. Daydreaming? Thinking
Angsting vs. Doing something about it? Doing something about it
Friends vs. Career? Friends
Dreams vs. Reality? Dreams
Sweet vs. Straight to the point? Straight to the point

pictures of you (at least 2)
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